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Pokemon Moon Team by Phonx13 Pokemon Moon Team by Phonx13
My team while playing through Pokemon Moon. I caught more than six and rotated them in my party for more type coverage. I also only allowed myself to use 7th gen Pokemon (no Alola forms either).

Oh shoot, he: used Darkest Lariat! Spiritual successor to Typhlosion from my HeartGold run. Has the MLG glasses also Fire type?

Legsley: legs... oh yeah and a really nice design. Very useful with Trop Kick. Man, that Bounsweet was hard to find.

Cory: in the house. Was my 2nd Pokemon after Litten, and the only new Pokemon I could find that wasn't Normal type. I wanted Pa'u Style, but the item needed wasn't there at the time. So she stayed Pom-Pom Style.

Sharpener: For some reason I thought Charjabug was the final evolution. He's looks like a pencil sharpener, c'mon. Oh well, I guess he'll forever hold a pencil in his mouth.

Brayden: EARTHQUAKE! The face of Mudsdale gives me a vibe of age, so Brayden talks like a grandma. Also, who needs to ride Hapu's Mudsdale when I can ride my own?

Dewpie: Do Over. This name came from Dewpider and DoopieDoOver. The only connection is the gender. :p Dewpie also has Doopie's bow.

Ragamuffin: He wears a rag and he's adorable. Ragamuffin! He's also very shy. At least he's getting the attention all Mimikyus want.

Nebby: How could I change its name? Since it was acquired late in the game, the most it could do was help against the Elite Four. I don't have much else to say.

Fight Me!: The least creative name. Oh well. She evolved right before the climb to the Elite Four, and I thought, "This isn't Mt. Lanakila. This is the base of Mt. Lanakila!"

Hillary: Named after my dog who is named after someone you can guess yourself. Both dogs are also female. But I don't think my dog has a rock mohawk.
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